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How to Design Your Apartment to Look More Spacious

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The thought of moving into a new home or apartment is very exciting. It is great to imagine the day that family and friends will be spending an abundance of time at your new home. Convenient living is an important motto the Schottenstein Real Estate Group believes in. Below are 3 design tips that can turn you’re apartment or townhome into an exciting living space with a lot more room.

You'll notice the walls at our apartments are a neutral color.

1)    Use neutral colors & ghost furniture: By using neutral colors, you can make your place look bigger because more light will reflect off these colors. In terms of “ghost furniture”, it simply means using clear surfaces. These items can be glass tables or lamps etc. But it will give the illusion that there isn’t as much bulky stuff in a small area.

2)    Downsize your furniture: Instead of a large sectional, buy two small recliners or a love-seat  If you plan on having people over buy some bar stools for guest to sit on so you don’t have to rely on a couch for seating. If you downsize to a full size bed, you will not only save money but you can be more creative with the extra space in the room where you sleep every night.

3)    Embrace multifunctional spaces: You can create boundaries in your small apartment

You can certainly use the table pictured or the bar in the background to do some work!

with cubicle shelve units and placement of your furniture. By doing this you can make your one bedroom flat, look like a multifaceted setup. Ask yourself, is this table only being used to eat on, or can it also be a desk?  By doing this, you can really maximize the look of your apartment.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and you can turn your apartment into a more spacious living environment for you and your guests. If you have any questions regarding the size and layouts of any of our SRE Group apartments, feel free to contact us today!

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